super bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Snacks or My Nutrition Goals? What Does a Girl Do?!

Football. Ugggghhhh. My hubby spent the first handful of our fifteen years of marriage attempting to teach me about football. The poor guy. One of his biggest passions is like a foreign language that I’ll never grasp. I’m just not wired to have any appreciation for the sport whatsoever. I think he’s made peace with it (I even fell asleep attending a Bronco’s game in person, once.) Even when our kids have played flag football, I can only pay attention when they’re in the game. And I’m sitting there praying they don’t get hurt, the whole time. It is what it is.

super bowl Sunday
Can you tell I really love football?

So it’s Super Bowl Sunday in a couple days. And while I may not give a flying lick (what a funny phrase!) about watching the game, I always appreciate the commercials. The best part of the Super Bowl is, hands down, the food! My plan is to do an intermittent fast on Sunday, and then have my weekly indulgence meal during the game. I’m pretty excited about that!

If you’re not due for your weekly indulgence meal, you can still maintain your weight loss nutrition strategy while enjoying some of the Super Bowl food. Here are some tips:

  • Respect serving sizes.
  • Keep a food journal of everything you are eating. (I like the myfitnesspal app)
  • Fill 1/2 of your plate with veggies, 1/4 with protein, and the other 1/4 with side dishes.
  • Stop eating when your stomach is content, not stuffed.
  • Don’t continue to snack through the whole game.
  • When the food is finished, focus on enjoying the game and the company (Or the book you’re reading while everyone else enjoys the game)

I’ve compiled the following list of high protein/low carb foods that you can enjoy free of guilt:

chicken wings
tortilla chips, guacamole
deviled eggs

I hope you enjoy the game, and I hope that your favorite team wins! Enjoy the food, and savor the opportunity to apply self-control! You’ve got this!

Talk to you soon!

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super bowl Sunday