A Hit of Inspiration

Alright moms, check in time. How are you doing in your nutrition and exercise strategy? Are your knuckles turning white as you’re clinging to your goals? Are you finding yourself feeling a little bit of apathy towards your weight loss efforts? Is your motivation starting to waiver? Maybe you are stuck in excuse land, thinking thoughts of “I can’t do this right now because…..”? Do you remember back in this post when we talked about how you need to make sure your health and nutrition are a top priority? You aren’t going to be able to fill the cup of those who depend on you if your own cup isn’t sufficiently full.

I’m not saying that you need to go train for a marathon (yet…) when you have toddlers tugging at your pant legs (or pesky teenagers giving you cause to stress out). Nor am I saying that you need to go buy only organic ingredients in order to live your cleanest life. Both of those things are noteworthy, but not the only way to get you to your end goal. We accomplish our goals by continuing to place one foot in front of the other (hmmm, OneRepublic again).

Feeding our thoughts to help us propel ourselves forward…

Inspiration hit hard a couple days ago as I was listening to an episode of the fit2fat2fit podcast. The guest being interviewed by Drew Manning was Steve Maraboli. I didn’t know who he was before this episode, but it turns out that I have seen a quote or two of his on social media.

I have gleaned some good snippets of inspiration and motivation from the fit2fat2fit podcast, here and there. Some of the episodes have been irrelevant to me. But, this particular episode had so many “mic drop” moments that I thought it was worth telling you about. I even listened to it twice! (If you’re particularly sensitive to some of the more gentle swear words, or perhaps referring to Jesus in a “more light” manner, than you might take offense. But when referring to Jesus, he does bring the point around to being a powerful (and truthful) message.)

In this episode, Steve Maraboli drives home the point that there is no good reason for us to place our own progress on hold.

Go ahead, turn this episode on while you get in a good sweat session! Some say that multi-tasking isn’t a thing, but us moms know it totally is! Give yourself the opportunity to be inspired at the same time that you are providing your body with the exercise it needs!

Talk to you soon!

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