Today I Can Commit to Making the Best Choices!

Confession time: This weekend, the food was far more delicious…and sugary than intended (Oops!). I really struggled to commit to making the healthiest choices that I know bring me closer to my goals. I mean it’s fine, I just ended three days in a row closer to my maintenance calories instead of weight loss calories.… Continue reading →

Before and After

Week 10 Weigh In: Down 3.5 Lbs!

Another week is in the books. I’m happy with my consistent efforts. I have gone two full weeks without an indulgence meal, and I don’t even feel deprived. I’m pretty excited about the progress that I can see, and feel (Even my hubby has made multiple comments about the visible differences, so I know it… Continue reading →

Sneaky Food Labels

The Truth Behind Diet Foods and Packaging Labels!

While doing a killer full body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) this morning, I was listening to another episode of the Fit2fat2fit podcast. This time, the person being interviewed was Jeff Scot Philips. He is the author of the book, Big Fat Food Fraud: Confessions of a Health-Food Hustler. I haven’t read his book, but… Continue reading →

Beat the Weight Loss Plateau: Part 2

Weight loss plateaus can be frustrating! Some people get to a plateau and think that weight loss just doesn’t work for them, so they give up on their efforts and goals. It doesn’t have to be this way! Earlier this week, we had a chat about some strategies for breaking through a weight loss plateau.… Continue reading →


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