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Week 20 Weigh In: Every Food Action Has A Consequence

I tell you what, the food has been LEGIT TASTY this WHOLE last week! And I’m not talking about the kind of food that LillieEatsandTells makes which helps in the process of weight loss through macronutrient counting. I’m talking about the stuff that our taste buds can’t get enough of, that we probably eat in… Continue reading →

Before and after

Week 19 Weigh in: Developing Mental Toughness

Mothers day weekend has come and gone. My husband, Adam, didn’t know this but I have been suppressing a serious craving for French toast. I was ecstatic to find that he surprised me with that very breakfast on Mother’s Day morning! It was in that meal that I decided to gift myself with a day… Continue reading →

Week 16 Weigh in: After the Vacation

It has been three weeks since I wrote up one of these weigh in posts! Although this hasn’t been a dedicated time for weight loss, I have placed healthy decisions as a priority. We were so blessed to spend 9 full days in Naples, Florida. I went on my vacation with an intention not to… Continue reading →


Choosing to Live My Healthiest While on Vacation

We’ve made it to Southwest Florida! Fun fact, we lived in Estero (between Naples and Ft. Myers) from March 2015-June 2017. And while it has been almost 4 years since we moved away (Crazy!) there is so much to this place that we wish we could have brought with us in our move back to… Continue reading →


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