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Week 19 Weigh in: Developing Mental Toughness

Mothers day weekend has come and gone. My husband, Adam, didn’t know this but I have been suppressing a serious craving for French toast. I was ecstatic to find that he surprised me with that very breakfast on Mother’s Day morning! It was in that meal that I decided to gift myself with a day off from keeping a food journal. I assure you that my food intake was far from strategic, that day!

At church, they gave all the women a lovely buffet of Crumbl cookies and fruit. Then Adam came through, again, with a killer Steak dinner. And he did all the dishes, and changed all the diapers that day too!

It’s taken quite a bit of psychological effort to come to this mental place where I can allow myself days like those (every now and then) without allowing an ounce of guilt into the day.

In fact, In the early summer of 2019 I was meeting with a therapist for help in overcoming my struggles with binge eating. I expressed anxieties to him about how I was going on an upcoming cruise and I was terrified of my own inabilities to be in control of my eating when faced with the cruise ship buffets, and all you can eat everything. I remember being really bothered with him when he told me that a cruise is a time of celebration. It’s okay to have moments in life where we allow ourselves to enjoy the food when the opportunity is presented.

Of coarse, in that moment, I didn’t feel like I was being given the counsel and direction that I thought I should have been given. I thought how absurd it was that he was telling someone with a binge eating disorder that it was okay to go hog wild. (I know, that wasn’t his intention). Side note: If you ever find yourself needing to be told that “yes, you can be in control of your food choices. Yes, you can say no to your kryptonite foods,” Please, reach out to me! I’d absolutely love to help you make that strong voice in your head louder than the voice that’s telling you to give in!

Now that I do feel about 87% in control of my binge eating, I can see his logic. I can allow myself to have the less strategic food items and occasions which call for celebratory eating, and I can remove the negative emotions from the equation. Even if the non-strategic foods are eaten at times when I wasn’t planning to allow for that.

Now my focus is to eat strategically 85% of the time, and then 15% of the time can be moments when I have the pizza, cookies, etc. Of coarse, this is a goal that I have yet to master. You’ll see how far I am from accomplishing that if you look closely at the food journal entries, below. But that’s okay! We reach our goals through consistent effort, and effort is something I can commit to!

Alright, enough of that! Let’s talk about week 19 results!

End of Week 19 Before and After Pictures:

Week 19 Food Journal:

This week had a few days with pizza, crumbl cookies, French toast, chocolate banana bread, more pizza, and even more crumbl cookies, etc. I can’t decide if I should feel sheepish about all that, or be totally stoked that I was able to enjoy the food and still stay within a calorie deficit which allowed for another week of weight loss. I’m going to go with the latter because I really want you to see that you, too, can lose the weight while eating more than just chicken and veggies. (A calorie deficit means that your body is burning more calories than you’re taking in- whether through your basal metabolic rate, or addition calorie burn through exercise).

True that in weeks like the one I’ve had, it may require you to up your exercise so that you still stay in the deficit. But not always. Just like how some weeks you may find that you exercise very little, but your calorie consumption through food also stays lower than the calories you burn. (Anyway, I’m getting off topic).

I’m going to drop Saturday’s food journal here. That was the day that my food intake came in the highest, and furthest out of a weight loss calorie range.

Bioelectrical Impedance Results:

My total body weight: 128.8 lbs. (Decrease of 1.1 pounds since last week. Total decrease of 14.1 lbs. since start date).

Breaking my total body weight down into different categories of body composition:

  • Total Body water: 79.4 lbs (Increase of 0.5 lbs from last week. Total of 1.1 lbs. increase since start date).
  • Dry lean mass: 29.6 lbs. (Increase of 0.2 lbs. since last week. Increase of 0.5 lbs. since first weigh in. Remember that this includes muscle, organs, and bone minus any fluid)
  • Body fat mass: 19.8 lbs. (This was a 1.8 lb. decrease from last week. Total of 15.7 lbs. of fat lost since start date!)
  • Skeletal muscle mass: 61.1 lbs (Increase of 0.3 lbs since last week. Increase of 1.1 lbs since first weigh in).
  • BMI: 22.1 (Decrease of 0.2 from last week. Total decrease of BMI is 2.4 since start date)
  • Body fat percentage: 15.4% (This decreased by 1.3% from last week. Total of 9.4% decrease in body fat percentage since start date.)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): 1437 calories (This increased by 7 calories.)
  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE): 2225 calories
  • Calorie target goal for weight loss: 1600 calories (May increase by upwards of 300 on days that I burn over 600 calories)

Week 19 Measuring Tape Results:

  • Right calf (measured at widest part): 14 1/4 inches (Same as last week, and down 2 1/2 inches from first measurement)
  • Right thigh (measured at widest part): 21 1/4 inches (Same as last week, and down 1 3/4 inches from first measurement)
  • Hips (measured at widest part): 36 1/2 inches (Down 1/4 inch from last week, Down 6 1/2 inches from first measurement)
  • Butt (measured at widest part): 36 inches (Same as last week. Down 3 5/8 inches from first measurement.)
  • Right below my muffin top: 32 3/4 inches (Down 1/8 inch from last week, and down 2 7/8 inches from first measurement)
  • Waistline (measured across belly button): 32 inches (Down 3/8 inch from last week, and down 3 3/8 inches from first measurement)
  • Chest (measured at widest part): 36 1/2 inches (Same as last week. Down 11/4 inch from first measurement.)
  • Shoulders (measured at widest part): 39 5/8 inches (Same as last week. Down 7/8 inch from first measurement)
  • Biceps: (measured at widest part): 10 5/8 inches (Same as last week, and down 7/8 inch from first measurement).

This is What My Workouts Looked Like:


I actually believe that the bioelectrical impedance results were a bit off this week. Another one of those weeks where the machine was manifesting its margin of error. I have a hard time believing that I’ve lost 1.8 pounds of fat, and gained .3 pounds of muscle in one week. I do believe that my total body weight locked in accurately though. So for today, that is an acceptable enough indication of progress. Well, that and the fact that I’m now needing to buy a smaller set of clothes, as most of my other clothes are fitting too loose (I’ve found some fun workout clothes shops that are comparable to Target prices, but with LuLulemon quality. Check out my instagram @thelast15pounds in the coming days, and I’ll show you where to find some great workout clothes!)

That’s it for today! Talk to you soon!

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Food Journal Entries From the Rest of the Week:

Friday, May 7

Sunday, May 9

Mothers day! I didn’t log a single food item! But the day was filled with French toast covered in fruit, powdered sugar and syrup. Also, Crumbl cookies, Steak, rice, corn on the cob, and Sister Schubert’s rolls!

Monday, May 10

Tuesday, May 11

Wednesday, May 12 (yesterday)

Thursday, May 13 (today)

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