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Week 13 Weigh in: Loving Yourself Means There’s No Room For Regret!

Spoiler Alert: This week was not a weight loss week, and I’m 100% okay with that. As I mentioned the other day, my brain has been trying hard to be in vacation mode before I actually leave on vacation. My actions have been slightly more aligned with my goals in the last couple days. But not enough for me to see improvement in my weekly results.

Let’s talk about regret!

I listened to a podcast episode from Jody Moore on the topic of regret that I think you should go listen to immediately after you finish reading this post! My take away was that regret is not a productive feeling. Unless you have a time machine to go and change the past, regret does us no good! We can look at regret as feedback. It’s simply telling us that we are momentarily torn between two morals, ideals, or matters that seem most important to us in the moment. We should not feel guilt over it and it isn’t something we should beat ourselves up over. It’s an opportunity for us to recognize and put to words the two ideals that we are juggling. Acknowledge them, and say “Thank you for the information.” We then recognize the greater priority in the moment (forward progression), make peace with the decision of which ideal we chose to favor in the past, and then proceed with our best efforts towards our end goals!

I am choosing to recognize that my eating decisions of this past week were very delicious.

I allowed myself some snacks that I haven’t eaten in a really long time (my sister’s amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe, chocolate covered raspberries, cheddar and sour cream potato chips, etc.). With those decisions, though, I’m not allowing these types of thoughts: “Why did I do that? I wish I hadn’t. Now the scale is up, and I look and feel a little bloated…”.

No way! Instead, I’m choosing to treat myself the way I’d treat a best friend. I’m feeding myself thoughts of, “How good were those cookies? So good! I think I’m going to choose not to eat those today, though. I’m going to analyze why I felt like I needed those snacks when I did (and the quantity I ate them in). And yes, I feel a little bit inflamed today and yes the scale is up a little bit today and that’s okay. I can handle all of that because I know how to fix the natural consequences of those food choices.”

I believe that life should be lived, and part of that living includes learning from our more human tendencies.

Just like the next gal, I appreciate good tasting food- not just the strictly healthy stuff. I believe that there is a time and place for those foods. I believe that my efforts should be my very best. On occasion, like this week, my very best looks more like weight maintenance rather than weight loss. It’s worth celebrating that I didn’t fall into my old cycles of all out binge eating after allowing myself a little bit of leniency in my snacking, this week.

And what do I do now instead of beating myself up and dwelling on regrets of my past week? I keep working to be conscious of my decisions and to be intentional with my eating. I ask myself, who do I want to be today, and I live like that version of myself. Don’t quit! Just consistently keep moving forward. That’s how we reach our goals- not allowing any room for regret!

I want you to offer yourself the same kind of kindness! Will you?

Alright, let’s get the the weekly results.

End of Week 13 Before and After Pictures:

Week 13 Food Journal:

No avoiding the truth on this one. The food was delicious and abundant. And exceeded the quantity and quality conducive to weight loss. It is what it is. Let’s pick something to celebrate. How about the fact that I ate enough protein and fiber all week! Can’t complain about that!

Here’s the food journal from last Friday, March 26. All of the rest of the week’s food logs can be found at the bottom of this post.

Week 13 Bioelectrical Impedance Results:

I’m continuing to test my hypothesis that some wild physiological changes have occurred on weeks 4, 8, and 12. For this reason, I’m going to be comparing today’s results with that of both weeks 11 and 12.

My total body weight: 131.4 lbs. (Increase of 3.3 pounds since last week, and an increase of 2.4 lbs since week 11. Total decrease of 11.5 lbs. since start date).

Breaking my total body weight down into different categories of body composition:

  • Total Body water: 79.8 lbs (Increase of 1.7 lbs. since last week and increase of 3.7 lbs since week 11. Total of 1.5 lbs. increase since start date).
  • Dry lean mass: 29.8 lbs. (Increase of 1 lbs. since last week, and increase of 1.6 lbs since week 11. Increase of 0.7 lbs. since first weigh in. Remember that this includes muscle, organs, and bone minus any fluid)
  • Body fat mass: 21.8 lbs. (This was a 0.6 lb. increase from last week, and still a 2.9 lb decrease from week 11. Total of 13.7 lbs. of fat lost since start date!)
  • Skeletal muscle mass: 61.3 lbs (Increase of 1.3 lbs. from last week and increase of 3.1 lbs from week 11. Increase of 1.3 lbs since first weigh in).
  • BMI: 22.5 (Increase of 0.5 from last week. Total decrease of BMI is 2 since start date)
  • Body fat percentage: 16.6% (This is the same as last week and decreased by 2.6% from week 11. Total of 8.2% decrease in body fat percentage since start date.)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): 1444 calories (This increased by 27 calories.)
  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE): 2187 calories (This will be my calorie target range while I’m on vacation in Florida, next week)
  • Calorie target range for weight loss: 1600 calories (I’ll be coming back to this calorie goal after I come back from my trip.)

For more info on Bioelectrical Impedance, check out this link here.

Week 13 Measuring tape results:

  • Right calf (measured at widest part): 14 1/4 inches (Same last week, and down 2 1/2 inches from first measurement)
  • Right thigh (measured at widest part): 21 1/2 inches (Up 1/4 inch from last week, and down 1 1/2 inches from first measurement)
  • Hips (measured at widest part): 37 inches (Same as last week, Down 6 inches from first measurement)
  • Butt (measured at widest part): 36 1/4 inches (Down 1/8 inch since last week. Down 3 1/8 inches from first measurement.)
  • Right below my muffin top: 33 3/8 inches (Down 1/8 inch from last week, and down 2 1/2 inches from first measurement)
  • Waistline (measured across belly button): 32 inches (Up 3/4 inch from last week, and down 3 1/4 inches from first measurement)
  • Chest (measured at widest part): 36 5/8 inches (Same as last week. Down 11/8 inch from first measurement.)
  • Shoulders (measured at widest part): 39 5/8 inches (Down 1/4 inch from Last week. Down 7/8 inch from first measurement)
  • Biceps: (measured at widest part): 10 7/8 inches (Same as last week, and down 5/8 inch from first measurement).

This is what my workouts looked like:

The Myzone system recorded tonight’s Zone class weird. Between 5:35 pm and 7:00 pm, I actually burned around 750 calories (give or take a bit).


So, big increase in water weight in the last two weeks. This could be due to where I am in my menstrual cycle. It could also be because I have been liberal with my consumption of carbohydrates. If you look at all the food logs, you’ll see that there were only one or two days where I stayed below the recommended amount of sugar. My muscle mass and dry lean mass actually increased, significantly (Here’s a teaching moment: If increasing your muscle mass is your main goal, a calorie deficit isn’t in your best interest. Muscle mass increases when your calorie intake is higher, paired with muscle strengthening exercises). I also gained a little more than a half a pound of fat. I’m not hung up on this, because my measuring tape measurements still showed a slight decrease in some areas.

I am definitely not calling this week a loss. Just a slow down, and I really am okay with it.

I’ll come back in a day or two and lay out my strategy for weight maintenance while on vacation. I don’t mind having an intentional break from weight loss. I just want to show you that I will not be gaining weight either!

Talk to you soon!

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Food Journal Entries From the Rest of the Week:

Saturday, March 27:

Sunday, March 28:

Monday, March 29:

Tuesday, March 30:

Wednesday, March 31 (yesterday):

Thursday, April 1 (Today):

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