Today I Can Commit to Making the Best Choices!

Confession time: This weekend, the food was far more delicious…and sugary than intended (Oops!). I really struggled to commit to making the healthiest choices that I know bring me closer to my goals. I mean it’s fine, I just ended three days in a row closer to my maintenance calories instead of weight loss calories. And my carb count?! I don’t even come close to quantifying my weekend as “low carb”! I wasn’t intending to have an indulgence meal this last weekend, I really wasn’t. But then, I fed the family pizza on Friday night, and between the perfectly baked crust and the melted cheese, it looked undeniably tasty. Mistake #1: allowing a 1/4 of a piece of pizza. Because then I found myself embracing a permissive mindset. Let’s just say, I ended the night with 3 servings of Guittard chocolate chips (you know, the REALLY REALLY good chocolate chips!? Drool!).

Then Saturday, we had a bunch of the teenage boys from church over to watch MME fight night (Gross!). Let’s just say, I don’t take part in viewing the fights, but I’m happy to help my hubby get a spread of appetizers and snacks out for the boys. After he got all of the munchies out, I noticed there wasn’t anything sweet. So I set out to make some chocolate chip cookies. Mistake #2. Now, if you’ve been around a while, you know that sugar (specifically cookies) is my kryptonite. I lose all ability to reason with myself about stopping once I’ve consumed even the tiniest amount. Sugar weakens me! So… 5 cookies later… and then two more on Sunday. Can we say REGRET?


I felt like it might do me some good to come whip up a fully vulnerable post, because it’s the times that we are brutally honest with ourselves that we are able to muster up the grit and commit to become a better version of ourselves!


Our beach trip out to Florida is in one week, and I think there’s a huge part of me that is itching for the more relaxed eating rules that I plan to follow when we’re there (Don’t worry, I still have a nutrition strategy that I’m going to adhere to, but it will be a step or two back from my current non-vacation routine.) But I’m facing the reality, now, that I’m 8 days away from wearing a swim suit all week long. Now is not the time for relaxed rules and permissiveness! This is the time for an iron clad grip on the strategy I’ve implemented. No more extreme behavior of swinging between binges and fasting (Mistake #3)!

So here I am. This is me recommitting to the actions required to continue on the weight loss trajectory. The long road feels daunting. Even committing to a whole week of sticking to a strategy feels a little bit bigger than myself. But today, I can commit to making all of the best choices! I know that for today, I can say no to the remaining cookies on the counter. Today I can promise that I will put my best foot forward. Today I will stay within a weight loss calorie deficit. I will eat my protein and veggies at every meal. I will ensure that my processed food intake is minimal. And I will remember that I want the end outcome more than I want the momentary “fix” of (insert non-strategic food item here).

When tomorrow comes, I will recommit again. Like Dr. Leo Marvin says, “It’s all about the baby steps.”

That’s it for today. Talk to you soon!

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Amy Bellamy

What's up everyone?! My name is Amy Bellamy and I am a wife, a mom to three boys, and a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I am an avid distance runner and love lifting weights. As someone who has struggled with being overweight in the past, I know how hard it can be to find the right process that works for you to lose weight. The frustration of starting and stopping and starting again, wears on you mentally and physically. That's why I want to share with you what I have found to be a game changer for me in my weight loss journey. Through experience and study, I’ve learned the tools required for losing weight permanently. I have the education and experience to help you overcome any insecurities you have, from that worry of everyone looking at you because you don't know how to use the exercise equipment in a gym environment, or simply not knowing how to use what you have at home. I also have the training to help you stay focused on your goals when that plate full of cookies is staring you down and you find yourself saying "Well, I will allow myself to eat just one" and end up eating the whole plate (oh, the number of times I have been there). I’m excited to help you find the right approach to your food consumption, give you the template on how to build a strategy that works specifically for you and then help you stick with it. On top of that, I will show you how to help you increase your flexibility, strength, muscle growth, cardiorespiratory abilities and achieve your fitness goals. Let me help you in your commitment to living your healthiest lifestyle and lose those last 15 pounds for good!

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