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Workout Wednesday: Abs and Core

I remember back when I was pregnant and I struggled with simple, every day, things like climbing up the stairs and getting in and out of our tall bed. Man, that was rough! That was because my core strength was completely shot as I grew babies in my belly. After having babies, it took months of solid effort to rebuild the core strength so that my functional fitness was up to par.

Did you know that you use your core muscle for EVERYTHING from moving between sitting to standing, climbing up the stairs, lifting up your babies or your groceries? As you strengthen your core muscles, you’ll have a greater capacity for all of your fitness endeavors, whether it’s to lift weights in the gym or train for a marathon. Even if having a six pack isn’t a goal of yours, you’ll thank yourself for putting in the time and effort to have a strong core.

You guys, I did something big this week!

Big for me anyway. I took baby steps to let go of a fixed mindset about refusing to be in front of a camera! I’m embracing the idea of getting over my stage fright to be in my own exercise demonstration videos (Letting go of fixed mindsets is always a good idea as it provides us with the opportunity to grow and become a better version of ourself).

YouTube Channel, core workout

So each of the exercise videos, below, are brought to you by yours truly (And my dear girlfriend behind the camera!)! I also have a YouTube channel now! I’m going to go ahead a say it… if you like what you see, go ahead and like and subscribe to my channel (insert winky face here)!

This week’s workout:

This core workout requires the use of a single weight (you can use a dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, gallon of milk, etc). You’ll also need a yoga ball. Here’s one that you can pick up from Amazon for under $20! If you don’t have a yoga mat, here’s one you can also pick up on Amazon. The last thing you will need is a weight bench, plyometric box, piano bench, or stair.

For the workout, you have eight exercises. I’m going to give you two options for how to perform this workout:

  1. A high intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit. Perform each exercise in consecutive order for 45-60 seconds. Rest 15 seconds before moving on to the next exercise on the list. Perform the whole circuit 1-4 times for a complete workout.
  2. Perform 3-4 sets of 12 repetitions of each individual exercise. This type of workout focuses on one exercise at a time, and allows for more rest breaks.

Your Core Exercises:

A-Frame Russian Twist:


Plank Jacks:

Leg Raise With Hip Twist: (Rotate your hips every time your legs are up. Rotate right, middle, and left).

Side Plank Hip Dips: (On feet or knees)

Yoga ball Ab Switch:

Yoga ball knee tucks:

Bench V-ups: (Can be performed on the floor, too)

And there you have it, a full core workout! Come back tomorrow for my week 9 weigh in results!

Talk to you soon!

Want more exercise ideas? Check out this workout plan with mini-bands.

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core workout

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