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The week has been far from routine. Monday morning, I was happily doing leg day at the gym (Leg day is my favorite!). I had made it more than half way through my workout, and it was time for the leg press. I put one 100 lb. and one 45 lb. weight plate on one side of the machine. As I was squatted down picking up the other 100 lb. weight plate, I was driving my weight into my heels, beginning to lift up with my legs, when POP! My lower back exploded. It wasn’t the good kind of “crack your back” sensation. No, this pop was accompanied with instant pain through my whole lower back, down my legs, and decreased movement ability.

I went to the doc later that day, but they didn’t have much to say besides that it was possibly a tear, or strain, or pulled muscle. She wasn’t worried about my spine or disks (Phew!). My instructions are to avoid lifting, jumping, or anything high impact for two weeks. The muscle relaxant that she prescribed has been such a gift, as that has allowed me to continue with tasks at home, as well as spending time with personal training clients. But my bootcamp class is a no go for this week and next week (insert crying emoji here.)

So, as you may have noticed…

Blogging hasn’t really happened this week. Weirdly enough, being in the sitting position feels worse than standing or laying down. I attempted to compose a blog post a couple times while laying down, earlier in the week, but each time I did, I woke up a time later after dozing off (side effect of the muscle relaxer: drowsiness). So this week, I have made peace with just healing. It has been good for me to see that the sky doesn’t fall if I miss a day (or three) of blogging. It’s good to be ambitious, but when life calls for it, it’s also good to rest.

Here’s one I made back in the day

I still did my weigh in, yesterday. I knew that the potential for positive change was slim. Since Monday, I’ve only done a little bit of walking on the treadmill. I did some baking for a friend (I was quite the cake maker in a different life), and I may or may not have treated myself to a couple too many indulgences while baking… And I’ve slacked, a little, in recording food in my food journal. Based on the results you’re about to see below, I am in a plateau pattern. That means that if I want to continue to see progress like I did in the first 6 weeks, I need to tighten my nutrition strategy. Especially since my exercise is going to be really mild through the whole next week. I’ll do some serious pondering on what that strategy tightening is going to look like for me. Maybe that will be tomorrow’s post. (Sorry, no workout or meal plan for this week. I’ll get back to my regular routines next week).

Well… Let’s get to the results, shall we?

End of Week 8 Before and After Pictures:

I’m totally cringing about having to post these pictures when I don’t feel like any improvement has been made in the last two weeks. But a commitment is a commitment. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to turn this into a teaching moment on how to push past the plateau. That’s totally going to be a post topic next week!

Week 8 Food Journal:

Here is the food log from Friday, February 19th. If you care to see how I ate the rest of the week, those food journal entries can be found at the bottom of this post.

Looking back at my food intake for the week, it’s no surprise that I didn’t improve my body composition. You’ll see, down below, that my food intake came way too close (and even far beyond) my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) (aka maintenance calories). I’m legit going to have to cut back, and tighten my actions to align with my goals. Especially since exercise and calorie burn aren’t going to be a factor to rely on this next week.

Week 8 Bioelectrical Impedance Results:

My total body weight: 136.3 lbs (Up 1.6 lbs from the last week. Total of 6.6 lb. lost since start date).

Breaking my total body weight down into different categories of body composition:

  • Total Body water: 82.7 lb. (Increase of 4.2 lbs since last week, and increase of 4.4 lbs since start date. Big increase likely due to where I am in my menstrual cycle, mixed with consuming extra carbs this last week, plus swelling in lower back, and possible side effect of medication).
  • Dry lean mass: 30.7 lb. (Increase of 1.8 lbs since last week. Increase of 1.6 lbs since my first weigh in. Remember that this includes muscle, organs, and bone minus any fluid)
  • Body fat mass: 22.9 lb. (Decrease of 4.4 lbs from last week. Total of 12.6 lbs of fat lost since start date! I actually am suspicious of this large change in fat mass. I think we might be facing a repeat of Week 4 when it seemed like the margin of error was on the higher end of the spectrum. Or maybe this is a weird point in my menstrual cycle where I shed a ton of fat, and increase in water weight, significantly. That will be interesting to watch as time progresses. We’ll have to see what week 12 brings!)
  • Skeletal muscle mass: 63.7 lb. (Increase of 3.5 lbs from last week. Total of 3.7 lbs increase in muscle since start date)
  • BMI: 23.4 (Increase of 0.3 since last week. Total BMI decrease of 1.1 since start date)
  • Body fat percentage: 16.8% (This decreased by 3.5% from last week. Total of 8% decrease in body fat percentage since start date. I have my doubts, once again, that this large decrease in body fat is legitimate. Likely due to the margin of error in the InBody machine.)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): 1480 calories (This increased by 58 calories.)
  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE): 1723 calories (Since I’m doing very little exercise, this dropped significantly. That means, if I want to successfully lose weight, without exercising, I need to stay just above my BMR calories.)
  • Calorie target range for weight loss: 1500 calories (I’m dropping this, just a bit, so that my food consumption comes in just barely above my BMR calories. )

Week 8 Measuring Tape Results:

  • Right calf (measured at widest part): 14 1/2 inches (Decreased 1/8 inch from last week, and down 1/4 inch from first measurement)
  • Right thigh (measured at widest part): 22 inches (Up 1/8 inch from last week, and down 1 inch from first measurement)
  • Hips (measured at widest part): 38 1/2 inches (Same as last week, Down 4 1/4 inches from first measurement)
  • Butt (measured at widest part): 37 3/8 inches (Up 1/8 since last week. Down 2 inch from first measurement.)
  • Right below my muffin top: 34 1/4 inches (Same as last week, and down 1 3/4 inch from first measurement)
  • Waistline (measured across belly button): 33 1/2 inches (Same as last week, and down 1 3/4 inch from first measurement)
  • Chest (measured at widest part): 36 7/8 inches (Same as last week. Down 7/8 inch from first measurement.)
  • Shoulders (measured at widest part): 40 inches (Same as last week. Down 1/2 inch from first measurement)
  • Biceps: (measured at widest part): 11 1/4 inches (Up 1/8 inch from last week, and down 1/4 inch from first measurement).

This is What My Workouts Looked like:


I’m not putting too much stock into my bioelectrical impedance results. I think that the biggest tell that I’m in a plateau is that my tape measurement results didn’t budge (except for my thigh and butt, which both increased by an 1/8th inch). Plateaus are legit frustrating. But my actions have not been aligned with the results that I want to see. That means it’s time to step up my game. Tighten my strategy. We’ll chat all about that tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

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Here are my food journals from the rest of the week:

Saturday, February 20

Sunday, February 21:

Indulgence meal day! According to the rules, I don’t have to log my food intake at my indulgence meal. But I did enjoy some steak, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and air fried breaded Oreos, air fried breaded thin mints, and air fried breaded kroger maple creme cookies.

Monday, February 22:

Tuesday, February 23:

Wednesday, February 24:

I totally over did it with a homemade protein brownie recipe that I was experimenting with. I ate way more than I should have!

Thursday, February 25:

I only logged my food for the first half of the day. The second half of the day, I baked a couple cakes for some friend’s birthdays. I taste tested way more than was necessary (I mean way way way more…). For the first time in the last two weeks, I found myself embracing the mindset, “well, I’ve already had this one taboo food. Looks like my day is ruined.” I’ll tell ya, the food was delicious. But I have no idea exactly how much damage I did with my overindulging.

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