Tightening Your Nutrition Strategy

I Commit.

During week 7 and week 8, my weight loss hasn’t been on the downward trend like I want it to be. Since I’m in the business of full transparency, this lack of progress is all due to my own loose actions. I’ve been taking extra bites of food, here and there. My indulgence meals… Ha! Remember how I said that I could eat anything I want within a one hour window? Well, I’ve managed to break that rule every week for the last handful of weeks. In reality it has been upwards of four hours filled with sugary items. I’m just going to say it. I am absolutely irresponsible when it comes to sugar! During my indulgence meals, I have recognized a mentality of desperation. I catch myself thinking that I have to eat all of the different sugary treats I have been craving because I don’t get to eat treats again until the next indulgence meal. It’s, for sure, embracing the inner binge eater in me. And worst of all, every single week, I’ve indulged until I’m sick!


I’ll be honest, I’m kind of scared to even attempt a moderator mentality. It’s so much easier for me to wrap my head around abstaining from the sugar than only eating a small portion. In my opinion, it is healthier to be a moderator than an abstainer. Abstaining serves a purpose, but can also lead to the binge.

Here’s my tightened nutrition strategy:

I am going on a beach vacation in five weeks! That’s five whole weeks to prepared for a swimming suit bod. 5 weeks is enough time to see a visible change in body composition. But for me, it’s not really motivating enough to say I’m following a strategy just so that I look better in a swimsuit. I feel like I need more of a prize. So, my plan is that every day I stick to my eating strategy without giving into the temptation to eat other foods, I will place $3 into a jar. Including today, I have 36 days where I can accrue up to $108 to spend on a cute new swimming suit (or two). Now, that is motivating for me!

beach vacation
Naples, FL here we come!

Now that I have something a little bit more exciting to work towards, here’s how I’m going to do it:

The indulgence meal:

I’m going to go a solid three weeks, again, without an indulgence meal. That really helped to get me going in the beginning of this journey. Three weeks of sticking within my set calorie and macronutrient range is a sure bet in helping me to push past the plateau. When those three weeks are up, I will commit to actually timing my hour long window, and not extending it for hours after.

Food Journal:

I’ve slacked, this last week, in my consistency with food journaling. As I mentioned above, full transparency is important. I am not doing myself any good by embracing the denial of all that has gone into my mouth by not recording my food intake. Although food journaling can feel tedious, I want complete success so I’m willing to commit.


Extra bites of food:

I commit to not helping my kids clean their plate by taking little tastes of what they didn’t finish. All the little bites add up. Also, when I’m not recording the extra bites in my food journal, then I’m actually consuming significantly more than is written down.

Sticking within my calorie and macronutrient target range:

Since I’m still not exercising this week, it is especially important for me to be conservative with my food intake. I’m relying on nutrition, alone, to help me lose weight this week. So my food choices need to be high quality, non-processed, and from whole food sources. I’m determined to keep my carbohydrate intake between 50 to 100 grams per day. My body responds really well to a low carb approach, so I commit to keeping my carbs low. Until I’m exercising, again, I also commit to keeping my calorie intake around 1500 calories.

I Want Success!

I know that the only way that I’m going to succeed in my weight loss journey is to be fully committed to all the tiny actions. It’s nice to have an end goal, but if we are not taking the baby steps which lead to that end reward, then we’ll never reach our goals. I’m committed to saying no to all of the tiny distractors that I’m sure to face. This is going to happen!

Here’s to pushing past the plateau!

What will you commit to doing to push past your roadblocks? Drop a comment below!

Talk to you soon!

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