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Meal Plan – Week 6: Meet Lillie!

You know when you’ve got this new thing you’ve been doing, and you’re dying to tell your girlfriends all about it? Well, I’ve got one of those things that I’m dying to tell you all about! I’ve been spying, pretty closely, on this food blogger named Lillie Eats and Tells.

This gal, Lillie, has figured out exactly how to eat all the good food while counting macronutrients to lose weight. She has compiled three different cook books, all which divulge the macronutrient content of each of her recipes. She’s got a bunch of free recipes, online. But some of her other amazing goodness only comes in her cookbooks (which you can buy here).

Aside from following her on Instagram, and stalking her blog, I have never communicated with her. She isn’t paying me a dime to promote her products. But, as one of your besties, I feel it is my duty to make sure that you know about her. (Maybe one day she and I will be BFF’s and she’ll repay the shout out. Fingers crossed!)

Go ahead and open her story in a new tab so that you, too, can go and stalk her work after you finish reading this post! She is also on Facebook and Instagram.

I have already dabbled in some of her recipes, but this week, I’m going to work in some of these recipes from her website and cook book into my meal plan. These are three of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy them too.

New Additions

  • Cottage Cheese Chicken Salad
  • Zucchini Lasagna (I’m most excited about this one!)

Meal Plan – Week 6

Download this weeks meal plan by following this link

Grocery items that might be easier to find online:

Nutritional info for this week’s meal plan:

That’s all for today! Happy feasting!

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Meal Plan – Week 6

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