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The Only Weight Loss Secret You’ll ever Need!

As I was sitting here, contemplating what I wanted to chat with you about today, I was looking over a list of some of the most searched for topics on the web relating to the secret of weight loss. Some of the most sought out questions included: “How to lose weight fast?”, “How to reduce tummy?”, “How to reduce water weight?”, “Why am I not losing weight?”, “How to lose a pound a day?”, “How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss?”, “Tricks to lose weight fast and easy?”, “How long does it take to notice weight loss?”, “What is the best weight loss pill?”.

Reading through those search questions, can’t you feel a cry of desperation from the authors of those searches? I just want to give each of those gals a huge hug. I know, I know, these questions might be coming from the fellas also. But this is a place for girl talk, so it’s just easy for me to picture the pain stricken faces of the female population as they’re hurting over their current weight situation.

We all know how it is, right? At some point you’ve likely come across a tv show, magazine, social media post, even a group of girlfriends, where you catch yourself comparing who you are to who you are seeing. We might get caught up in desperately thinking “I want to look like them, and I want it now!” I get it. I have done it too. I’m not going to spend time here going down the rabbit hole of all the mean and cruel things we have likely thought to ourselves when we were in this low and desperate place (Read this if you do find yourself in the rut of self-destructive thoughts!).

How many of us get caught up in moments where weight loss is on our mind and it feels like we are at the base of a 14,000 foot mountain, wondering how we are possibly going to get to the top? I know that I have, over and over again. But that’s why we’re here. So that we can have that girl talk about how to improve ourselves.


Don’t get me wrong. You are already beautiful, strong, heroic, and really really rad. But I believe that we should always be working to make ourselves better tomorrow than we were today. I’m just here to supply you with the tools to climb that mountain, and even enjoy the experience as you go. With consistent effort, you’ll find that it’s a completely attainable accomplishment and you will make it to the top! NO DOUBT!

Here’s the secret to weight loss…

There is no secret. There is no magic pill. Unless you’re overly obese, losing a pound a day is a very unrealistic desire. If you are losing weight that fast, it’s likely water weight. The detox diets to lose water weight will immediately reverse themselves the moment you go back to your regular way of eating. Weight loss is not a fast process. You can’t “spot reduce”. It just doesn’t work that way. Don’t worry, in our future girl talk sessions, we’ll address these valid questions individually.

So what do I do now? This is where you start!

  1. You need to manipulate your energy balance. If you are overweight or obese, that means that you have been consuming more calories than you burn. You are in a state of energy surplus. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in through food and drink. This places you in a caloric deficit. You can manipulate your caloric deficit by exercising more, and consuming between 200-500 calories less than your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). But you should not starve yourself! In general, women shouldn’t eat below 1200 calories per day.
  2. You need to be eating real food. Remove some or all of the processed foods from your diet (these are allowed in your planned indulgence meal). Choose mostly foods with 1 ingredient (i.e. fruit, veggies, meat, cheese, black beans, etc.).
  3. Pick a macronutrient range and stick to it! The best macronutrient range for you is the one that you can stick to, under your calorie deficit target. It may take a little trial and error before you decide that you have found an effective macro range worth sticking to. But do take on the challenge of finding that sweet spot for you.
  4. Move more! Perhaps you’re new to exercising. Start small! Commit to 2 days a week, in a couple weeks add in another day. A couple weeks after that, increase a little bit more. Need an idea of where to start? Try this workout!
  5. Be patient with the process! If you are following all of these steps, then trust the process! Unless you have a scale that tells you the breakdown of your body composition, then you should only be weighing yourself once a month. (Check out some of my journey where I lost muscle and water weight, but not fat, and here where the scale didn’t change, but my body composition did.)

That’s it! That’s the magic pill! Those five tips are the secret to weight loss. Get yourself committed to following these steps, and in around two weeks you might see a change in yourself, and in 4 weeks those around you will be able to visibly see the progress you are making! You’ve got this, girlfriend!

Talk to you soon!

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Amy Bellamy

What's up everyone?! My name is Amy Bellamy and I am a wife, a mom to three boys, and a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I am an avid distance runner and love lifting weights. As someone who has struggled with being overweight in the past, I know how hard it can be to find the right process that works for you to lose weight. The frustration of starting and stopping and starting again, wears on you mentally and physically. That's why I want to share with you what I have found to be a game changer for me in my weight loss journey. Through experience and study, I’ve learned the tools required for losing weight permanently. I have the education and experience to help you overcome any insecurities you have, from that worry of everyone looking at you because you don't know how to use the exercise equipment in a gym environment, or simply not knowing how to use what you have at home. I also have the training to help you stay focused on your goals when that plate full of cookies is staring you down and you find yourself saying "Well, I will allow myself to eat just one" and end up eating the whole plate (oh, the number of times I have been there). I’m excited to help you find the right approach to your food consumption, give you the template on how to build a strategy that works specifically for you and then help you stick with it. On top of that, I will show you how to help you increase your flexibility, strength, muscle growth, cardiorespiratory abilities and achieve your fitness goals. Let me help you in your commitment to living your healthiest lifestyle and lose those last 15 pounds for good!

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