Workout Plan (and other lessons learned)

Holy Moly! I had grand plans to do it all today! I was going to go to work for a couple of client’s personal training sessions, get in my own workout, get my grocery shopping done, all my food prep done, write an epic post for you with a beautifully designed workout plan that came completely from my own programming, and get to sleep by 8:30 p.m. (since I wake up at 4:30 am). Unfortunately I made it all the way through grocery shopping and a teeny tiny bit of food prepping from the meal plan that I put out yesterday and then stalled out. I decided to make the creamy chicken pot pie soup, and double the recipe so that my family could have some for dinner too (check it out here). So, if you set out to make this soup, let’s just say that I now have a few pointers to pass along.

*If you’re roasting your own chicken, choose a bigger whole fryer chicken from the store and roast it yourself. Then keep the bones in your freezer until you’re ready to make bone broth. (I’m obsessed with bone broth! We’ll talk about that soon.)

I learned this next tip the hard way:

*Steam your cauliflower and cut up all of your veggies, before you are ready to actually make your soup. This isn’t really a measure and prep the ingredients as you go kind of recipe. If you do it like that (like I did), you’ll end up with a hint of burn’t flavor (which is super lame since I made a double batch)!

*Don’t forget to stir frequently!

*If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend that you purchase this veggie chopper. It’s an absolute game changer in speeding up the chopping process!

Let’s change subjects…

Given the current COVID environment, and the impact it has had on gyms, rec centers, etc. I want to tell you about some of my favorite exercise equipment that I have here at home. A majority of these you can find fairly inexpensive, but will still be able to get in a killer workout (especially if your gym is operating at limited capacity and on a first come first serve reservation system…).

First, resistance bands. These bad boys are so awesome because you can get many of the same muscle strengthening and building movements that you’d find on the expensive equipment at the gym. They’re effective at targeting calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, chest, shoulders, and arms.

I also love using these resistance cables will effectively replace the cable machines you’ll find in the gym. The variety of exercises you can do with these cables are huge! They’ll hit every muscle group, and you can increase or decrease the resistance simply by adding or subtracting cables to the handles.

The newest addition to my own stash of home workout equipment are these gliding disks. I love gliding disks, so much! There are some really killer core, chest, and leg exercises that you can do with these!

Yoga balls are so great to have around. They’re awesome for core and stability strength. I’ll show you some fun core and gluteus exercises with these in the not too distant future (and your kids will love playing with them too!).

The next items on the list are a bit more spendy, starting with my most favorite piece of at home exercise equipment: The TRX (thank you Santa for bringing me mine)! This is a form of suspension training and with it, you can target every single muscle group with these cables. You can also get an awesome cardio workout with these!

If you’re comfortable going even bigger with your spending, these adjustable dumbbells are the best to have at home! My hubby gifted these to me a handful of years ago, and they have been one of my most favorite gifts ever (If you want to save some monies, see if you can’t cash in on someone who has already given up on their New Years resolution and check to see if you can find them used, think Facebook Marketplace).

I will be highlighting different exercises that can be performed with all of these pieces of equipment in the coming weeks.

As for this week’s workout, I’m going to do this a little bit different than planned. I’ll show you what I did for my own workout, this morning, and what I’ve planned for Tuesday. But then I’m going to highlight other awesome trainer’s workout program creations for the Wednesday through Friday’s workouts. I mean, good sleep is a very important part of the weight loss journey so sometimes a girl’s got to prioritize that over digging deep to create her own original workouts. But don’t worry, that which I’ll be pulling from the World Wide Web to show you will be workouts that I am going to commit to completing for myself those days as well!

Here’s what I did for my killer leg day workout this morning. I did this at the gym, but it can be done at home with some weights.


30 minutes cardio (get your heart rate up! A good measure of if your heart is pumping is it should be difficult to carry on a conversation)

Leg day:

  • Equipment needed: Dumbbells

Superset 1

Superset 2

Superset 3


  • 30 minutes cardio, including 15 minutes of HIIT 
  • For 15 minutes of this cardio session, rotate between 1 minute of really high intensity (think above level 9 on your cardio machine, can barely get a word or two out between breaths), and 1 minute of really low intensity to get your heart rate back down.

Chest and abdominals day: (yes, even women need to strengthen their chest muscles)

  • Equipment needed: Dumbbells
  • Repeat each superset 1-4 times based on current conditioning level 



  • 30 minutes cardio(get your heart rate up! It should be difficult to carry on a conversation)

Back day: (repeat this video 1-3 times based on your current condition level)


  • 30 minutes cardio, including 15 minutes of HIIT 
  • For 15 minutes of this cardio session, rotate between 1 minute of really high intensity (think above level 9 on your cardio machine, can barely get a word or two out between breaths), and 1 minute of really low intensity to get your heart rate back down.

Arm day: (repeat this video anywhere between 1-4 times based on your current condition level)


  • 30 minutes cardio (get your heart rate up! It should be difficult to carry on a conversation)
  • Shoulder day: (repeat this video anywhere from 1-4 times, based on your current condition level)

That’s it for tonight! I’m practically falling asleep at my keyboard! I’m looking forward to finishing my weekly meal prep tomorrow, (hopefully without any additional burn’t foods that are going to have to last me all week), along with getting these plans in motion.

Also coming tomorrow, watch for a new post where I break down some of the nutrition jargon that you hear floating around out there (and that I’ve even used here in my posts).

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    1. I’m so happy to have you here! Yeah, don’t be overwhelmed by all that is offered here. Do what you’re able, even if it’s one set of any of the workouts. Start at your current readiness level, and that is plenty!

      I’m definitely learning from this, and realized that next week I’m going to simplify significantly!

      Thanks for your comment!

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